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Kerala State Welfare Corporation for Forward Communities Ltd (KSWCFC), rechristened as Samunnathi, is a Government of Kerala undertaking works with an objective to promote the comprehensive development and welfare of the economically backward sections of the forward communities in Kerala.

Incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, KSWCFC was established in 8th November, 2012 with the aim to carry on the business of promoting the overall development and welfare of the economically backward sections among the forward communities. The corporation through affirmative action will help their members for improving their educational status, living conditions and financial stability.

The commission will put together various schemes and programmes to assist their members and thereby make them stable in the society. Entrepreneurship development programmes, skill development programmes and personality development programmes are a few to list. Samunnathi will also prepare a databank containing details of forward communities in the State.

Latest News

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